Automated Gates Styles and How they Work  Automated gates are ideal for residential and commercial buildings. Installing such a system benefits these two environs in many ways. Security and safety is a number one benefit of an automated gate. Also, these gates, for sure, do add to your property’s curb appeal.

They have an inviting appearance to your customers and visitors. But how do electric gates work and what are the best automated gate styles today?   How electric gates work  Most automated gates use a sliding feature. Online companies such as The Gate Company Online offer a number of different automatic gate mechanisms.

These gates work on electric motors of either DC or AC. The motor turns via an oil-cooled lessening gearbox. The gearbox provides power to the drive-cog, which slides the automated gate on its steel rack. There are three systems of electric gates, which include:  •  Sliding •  Underground •  Articulated  What are the different automated gate styles?  Just as its name, an automated gate slides from the left to right or vice versa. For an automated gate to work, the space on either side (left or right) should have the necessary width depending on your driveway. Putting that in mind, we can briefly discuss different styles of automated gates. These include:  •  Cantilever; •  Rear Pipe-Track; and •  “V” track  1.  Cantilever gates  If you live in an icy or snowy place, probably you should install a cantilever slide gate. Since a cantilever slide gate does not have wheels, it smoothly slides over a driveway with zero hindrance. Its wheels are located on the vertical post on its side. This means the wheel will sandwich the gate. Probably you are wondering how such a gate would close or open. Well, all you have to do is to push or pull to close or open this gate.

There are three different kinds of cantilever gates, which include:  •  Bottom track •  Top hang  •  Full cantilever slide gates  2.  Rear pipe-track   The rear pipe-track automated gate has two-wheels located on its tail end. These wheels do sit on its pipes located on the fence section. Consequently, this gate has a wheel carriage on its front area. The wheel comprises of a rubber wheel and a “V” track wheel. Speaking of the “V” track wheel, let us discuss it in the next type of gate.  3.  “V” track gates  Among the three, “V” track automated gates are the most popular ones. Although very reliable, they are not ideal for places with ice or snow buildup. This is because the “V” track should be installed in places with zero debris.

If you prefer this kind of gate then ensure it is three inches wider than your driveway. This room will allow you to install an electric slide-gate opener.   Conclusion  Automated gates are a must-have for commercial and residential purposes. It does not matter the type you select, the electric gate will provide security and class among other benefits.

Installing gates in properties is an excellent approach to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of a building or a home. With the advancement in technology, automation has touched all aspects of life. Gates can also be automated. Electric gates have become popular nowadays not only due to their safety factor but for other benefits as well. So what are the benefits of gate automation? Allow remote operation This type of gates lessens the work of opening or closing a gate. You don’t have to leave your car to open the gate.

Using a button only, you can open and close it while in the comfort of your vehicle.  The gate can also be fitted with an intercom to contact you before you let people in. If you are in the house, you can determine and identify who wants to pass the gate. You can grant access to selected individuals only to your property while seated in your home.  Better security Unlike the manual gate which can be unlocked by anyone who can manipulate the bolts and locks, an electric gate cannot be easily tampered with. Besides, your kids or pets cannot open the gate easily.

Unless you remotely operate your gate, it will remain closed. You will be at peace knowing your kids, pets or property are safe.  Added Beauty Electric gates have a stunning appearance compared to their manual counterparts. These gates have a smooth and sleek design but have a lot of strength. Such a gate will give your property a sophisticated style, and exclusivity hence added value. If you want to sell your property, an electric gate will easily attract customers.

Reduce security expense Since an electric gate requires only a surveillance camera and remote control to operate it, you can reduce the number of security personnel you need in your property. This will spare you the cost of hiring such personnel which you can use to develop other areas of your home or office.  Can you imagine driving home on a dark and rainy night and having to get out of the car to open the gate? Then after driving in you have to go back to close it.

What about the vulnerability of your property when you gate is left open? Well, you can avoid all this by installing electric gates. They provide a convenient solution for keeping your property safe. Hire a professional to install one for you today!